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Tenant's Insurance

Your landlord insures the building, but you need to insure your contents and accidental damage you may cause to the building.

Tenant Insurance Provides Protection for the Following:

  1. Your belongings: As a renter, your landlord's insurance does not cover you for your belongings, which means that if there was a fire, and all of your belongings were destroyed, it would be up to you to replace your furniture, clothing, jewelry, electronics, kitchen contents and anything else you may own.

  2. Improvements that you have made to the property.  Did you get permission from your landlord to repaint the walls or redo the kitchen or add a walk-in closet to the master bedroom?  These upgrades cost you money, and if the building was damaged, it would be best for you to be reimbursed for those costs you incurred.

  3. Liability Coverage: If an accident occurs and you cause damage to your unit or someone else's unit, liability insurance covers you for the legal expenses and the costs to fix or replace the damage that happened.

  4. Your living expenses in case you cannot live in your apartment or rental house while it is being rebuilt or repaired.  This could include meals, laundry expenses, and the cost of alternative living arrangements such as staying in a hotel.

Optional Coverages Available:

  • Sewer Backup

  • Claims Protection Guarantee

  • Identity Theft

  • Home Based Business

  • Overland Water

  • Service Line Coverage

  • Watercraft

Other coverage options are available.  Please contact Keystone Commercial for a free and comprehensive consultation.

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