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Cottage or Seasonal Property

Cottage Insurance is similar to home insurance; however, because cottages are generally not lived in all the time, the coverages available are different.

Cottage Insurance provides protection for the following:

  1. Personal Property - Your personal belongings within the cottage such as furniture, appliances, electronics and clothes.

  2. Liability insurance for if someone gets injured on your property and you may be liable, or if you accidentally cause damage to other people's property.

  3. The Cottage/seasonal property itself - Most insurance companies will only cover specific types of perils such as fire and smoke damage; however, some insurance companies offer more comprehensive coverages.

  4. Depending on the insurance company, you might be able to add coverage for your boat, camper, or trailer without taking out a separate policy.

There are many options available, please contact Keystone Commercial for a free comprehensive consultation.

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