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Keystone Commercial


Whether you are renting an apartment or own a home and a cottage, Keystone Commercial can help you find the right residential insurance policy.

From Contractors to Retail Operations, Automotive Service companies to Professional Services, Keystone Commercial can provide the right insurance solution for your business.

Keystone Commercial, in association with Keystone Insurance Agencies is owned and operated by Ryan Siemens, who has extensive experience in the insurance industry with a focus on commercial insurance.

Commercial Insurance


From Painters to Plumbers, Electricians to Landscapers, Keystone Commercial can build a comprehensive insurance program for your business.  Property Insurance is available for your tools, materials to be installed; and liability insurance is available for your operations.

Does your company build new homes?  Does your company do major renovations or additions?  If so, there are unique insurance needs to consider.  Keystone Commercial can help provide an insurance program so that not only is the building under construction insured, but that your company's property and liability is protected as well.


Rental Property

Whether you are providing a home for a family to live in or leasing a building to a business such as a restaurant or office, safeguard your investment with an insurance package from Keystone Commercial that protects both the physical building as well as lost income should an insured loss happen to the building.

Retail Stores

Whether you sell clothes or toys, construction supplies or grocery items, Keystone Commercial can help provide an insurance program that covers you for liability, business contents, as well as business income.  Optional Coverage is also available to cover you for the increased risks associated with operating an online store.

Automotive Services

If your business sells, repairs, or handles vehicles in any way, Keystone Commercial can help provide the extra insurance coverages necessary to ensure your business is adequately protected for the extra risks that could occur such as damage to customer's automobiles, bodily injury and property damage.    


Restaurants, bars, hotels and motels have unique insurance requirements to protect from the type of losses that could occur.  Keystone Commercal can help provide the right insurance package for your business.  Contact us for a comprehensive insurance consultation.

Charities and Associations

Directors and officers make decisions that impact their whole organization.  While it is expected that directors and officers operate to their best ability, mistakes and judgmental errors happen and the directors and officers could be held legally responsible.  Keystone Commercial can provide the right insurance package for your charity or association.

Professional Offices

Certain Professions such as Accountants, Consultants, and Architects need additional insurance protection for their professional practices.  Professional Errors & Omissions Insurance is available either as a stand-alone policy or combined with a General Liability Insurance policy.

Residential Insurance

Home Insurance

Keystone Commercial has access to a variety of home insurance companies that can help provide the right coverage for your home at a competitive price.  Home Insurance Policies are meant to provide coverage for your home, any outbuildings such as sheds or garages, personal property, as well as additional living expenses if you are not able to live at your home due to a claim.

Tenant's Insurance

Are you renting an apartment or a house?  The owner of the property would have insurance on the building, but the landlord's insurance does not cover your personal property.  A Tenant's Insurance package can also include additional living expenses if you are not able to live at your place anymore because of a claim such as additional food or laundry expenses or temporary lodging.  

Condominium Insurance

If you own a condominium, the Condo Corporation will usually have insurance on the building as well as any common areas.  It is best to have insurance for your contents as well as any improvements you or a previous owner has made to the unit.  Keystone Commercial can help provide the right condominium insurance package to protect your contents as well as liability.

Cottage Insurance

Insurance for cottages can generally be added to your home insurance policy; however, there are usually differences in the types of coverages that are offered because most people do not spend all of their time at their cottage.  Keystone Commercial can help provide the right insurance policy to protect your cottage or seasonal dwelling.

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